The Levine Law Firm serves as a Bastrop pedestrian injury lawyer that provides helpful legal assistance to men and women who have been injured in this type of accident or have lost a family member.

Accidents involving pedestrians are not always so cut-and-dry. In fact, pedestrians are often accused of being at fault in accidents even when they were obeying all traffic signals and laws. As experienced Bastrop pedestrian injury attorneys, the Levine Law Firm will make sure to investigate your incident to identify the responsible party.

This process can include:

  • Consulting with experts
  • Interviewing eye witnesses
  • Documenting injuries and the accident scene
  • Scouring police reports
  • And more

Many pedestrian accidents are spurred by inattentive or reckless motorists, who act with disregard for these vulnerable folks. As your pedestrian injury lawyer in Bastrop TX, we will make sure these negligent people or parties are held accountable and that you are able to recover compensation to fund medical bills, long-term treatment and your general pain and suffering.


Get pedestrian injury attorneys in Bastrop TX involved as soon as you can

It’s our experience as a Bastrop pedestrian injury lawyer that, the longer you wait to bring in an attorney on your behalf, the least likely it will be that you will recover maximum compensation in your case.

Working with Bastrop pedestrian injury attorneys allows you to take all the appropriate steps in dealing with negligent parties and their insurance companies. Once you have reported your accident to the authorities and received the necessary medical care, then contact the team at the Levine Law Firm and we’ll help you explore your options moving forward.

As a trusted Bastrop pedestrian injury lawyer, we have gotten results for a long list of clients — and we can do the same for you. Get started by consulting with the staff here at the Levine Law Firm.