Qualified Bastrop dog bite attorneys can manage these important cases caused by unpredictable animals. And, it might surprise you but, dog bites and attacks are quite common both here in the local area and throughout the rest of the country.

This is reason enough to be very cautious when you’re around a dog you are unfamiliar with — and even those that you are. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, it’s important to work with Bastrop dog attack attorneys that will hold the owner responsible and recover needed compensation.


Bastrop dog bite lawyers can help you understand your legal options

As one of the leading Bastrop dog attack lawyers, the team at the Levine Law Firm will prove to be a valuable ally for men or women who have been injured because of a dog bite or attack.

As your dog bite attorneys in Bastrop TX, we can help you proceed with the process of recovering compensation for things like medical bills.

It’s important to get dog attack lawyers in Bastrop TX involved right away to help provide insight on how to proceed, but as a general rule, the following are some steps that we suggest following an incident of this nature.

  • Make sure to start by contacting authorities before you even call in Bastrop dog bite attorneys. You need to report the incident and perhaps make contact with animal control so the dog can be dealt with accordingly.
  • Document the incident. This could mean getting contact information for any witnesses that were present or taking photos/video of the location or your bodily injuries. This information is valuable to Bastrop dog attack attorneys.
  • If possible, identify the dog’s owner and get their contact information, as well.

From there, the Levine Law Firm can serve as your Bastrop dog bite attorneys and, while you focus on recovering, work on recovering the compensation that you need. Contact our team to arrange a free case evaluation.