Do you have questions for a Bastrop construction accident lawyer? Bring them to our team at the Levine Law Firm, where we specialize in assisting workplace accident victims — specifically those that belong to the construction industry.

The construction business can be one of the toughest there is. Workers are constantly surrounded by injury hazards, which makes safety precautions very important. If you have been injured on the job, a Bastrop construction accident attorney from our team can lay out your options and work to recover the compensation that you are owed.


Will workers’ compensation insurance cover my needs?

As your construction accident lawyer in Bastrop TX, we can help you navigate the process of applying for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is an insurance policy put in place by businesses to provide injured employees with compensation, thus, limiting their own exposure to risk.

Working with a qualified construction accident attorney in Bastrop TX like our team is important because, occasionally, eligible workers are wrongfully denied from these benefits. Even when you are granted workers’ compensation, it only covers a portion of your salary and benefits.


What if workers’ compensation isn’t enough?

As a long-time Bastrop construction accident lawyer, we have worked with a number of individuals who needed more than what workers’ compensation was able to provide.

If your accident was caused by negligence on behalf of your employer, or another person or party, then you can file a third party claim with the help of our Bastrop construction accident attorney. This can be a complex issue, as employers are often immune from lawsuits thanks to their workers’ compensation policies.

However, if you can prove that an employer was blatantly negligent and it contributed to your accident and injuries, then you might be successful at recovering additional compensation.

You have options as an injured worker and our Bastrop construction accident lawyer staff can help you sort through them. Contact the Levine Law Firm to discuss these issues further.