When you’re driving on the highway, it is generally assumed that everyone will stay in their own lane, be aware of their surroundings and will arrive at their destinations safely. However, sometimes it seems as if some people do not share that frame of mind and are determined to cause an accident or another harmful incident. Distracted driving or some other driver impairment can create chaos on the roadways, and in some tragic cases, even cost people their lives. Fortunately for a Cypress man who was involved in a recent accident, the outcome was much less severe than it could have been.

An accident on Sept. 3 involving a pickup truck and a semi resulted in the closing of I-290 for 12 hours. According to authorities, a 46-year-old man driving a pickup drifted into another lane, making contact with a semi. The semi lost control and overturned, spilling its contents — aluminum sulfate solution — all over the roadway. It took road crews 12 hours to clean up the spillage.

The man was detained at the scene, arrested and charged with DUI. According to police records, it was a first offense and a misdemeanor, so the man was released on $500 bail. No injuries were reported.

This accident could have had a much more dire outcome, so everyone is fortunate that no one was hurt. However, the man could be held financially responsible for the cleanup efforts and any damage to the semi or state property. If anyone had been hurt in the accident, the man could have also been found liable for expenses incurred due to the accident. Anyone who is a victim of an accident is within their legal right to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering or other costs associated with the event.

Source: Chron.com, “Cypress man gets DUI charge in wreck that closed 290 for 12 hours” Dale Lezon, Mike Glenn, Sep. 04, 2013