In recent years, the number of injuries involving inflatable bouncers has skyrocketed in the United States. According to the Child Injury Prevention Alliance, in the past two decades, an average of 30 children a day were taken to hospital emergency departments for injuries in inflatable bouncers such as moonwalks and bounce houses.

In other words, on average, a child is injured in an inflatable bouncer every 45 minutes.

Inflatable Bouncer Injuries Are Preventable

While bumps and bruises are common in bounce houses, often the injuries are much worse. Broken bones and closed head injuries such as concussions are frequently the result of bounce house accidents, and like injuries involving trampolines, inflatable bouncer injuries can leave children with long-term medical problems.

Owners and operators of inflatable bouncers have an obligation to ensure that they are properly set up and properly used. Not taking the necessary safety precautions could constitute negligence if a child is injured as a result. Factors that lead to bounce house injuries include:

  • Failing to secure the bouncer on a flat surface free of rocks, sticks and other objects
  • Failing to supervise children to prevent rough play and ensure that the bouncer is properly used
  • Allowing very young children to use the bouncer
  • Failing to safely limit the number of children allowed in the bouncer at one time
  • Placing the bouncer too close to tree limbs or power lines
  • Setting up the bouncer in a room where the ceiling is dangerously low or the walls are too close to the bouncer
  • Allowing the bouncer to lose air while still in use

Compensation For Victims Of Inflatable Bouncer Accidents

If you or your child has suffered an injury because of a bounce house owner's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation.

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