Brain injuries are almost as elusive as soft tissue injuries, if not more so. Despite advancements in medical technology, these injuries are incredibly difficult to detect via MRI. In most cases, signs of brain injury manifest in a change of appetite, erratic moods and other behavioral issues. The injured individual, due to the fact that he or she has a brain injury, may not even notice these changes, while a family member or friend can see them clearly.

At The Levine Law Firm, our Austin lawyer has more than 20 years of experience working with accident victims who have experienced closed head or brain injuries. These injuries can range from severe and obvious to subtle and hard to detect. Regardless of the complexity of your injury, we are committed to giving you the attention and legal representation you deserve.

We Handle The Legal Issues So You Can Focus On Your Recovery

We will give you access to knowledgeable, experienced medical professionals who will thoroughly examine your symptoms and any irregular behavior you may be exhibiting since the accident. As you focus on your diagnosis and doing what you need to do to live the most supported life possible, we will examine the circumstances of your accident. We take a holistic approach to each case, working with a team of accident reconstructionists and vocation rehabilitation experts who will help us determine the effect the accident has had on your life so we can pursue the best compensation possible.

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