Modern technology helps us live our lives more efficiently while connecting us in a way that was once never thought possible. This technology is powerful and can be extremely dangerous when used inappropriately. As our phones become more advanced, they become highly distracting. Distracted drivers are putting themselves and other drivers at great risk.

In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, individuals who text while driving are six times more likely to cause an accident than individuals who drink and drive. Legislation is constantly shifting with regard to the penalties for texting and driving, but one thing is certain: If you were the victim of a distracted driving accident in which the other driver was texting or using a phone, you could be entitled to compensation for your injuries, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Helping Victims Recover The Compensation They Deserve

Insurance companies do not always have your best interests at heart. In fact, many are eager to settle with you as soon as possible after your accident. In many cases, the agreed-upon amount is substantially less than what you deserve. At The Levine Law Firm, we are determined to help our clients obtain the compensation they deserve while they focus on getting well.

Our Texas attorney is prepared to take your texting while driving accident case as far as it needs to go, whether that means settling at the negotiation table or fighting for your rights in court. We are committed to giving you the attention and care you deserve, regardless of the complexity of your case. Your life could be changed forever after your accident, and you deserve an advocate who will fully represent you and your best interests during this challenging time.

No Fees Unless Your Case Succeeds

You will not pay attorney fees unless your case is successful. Our firm maintains regular office hours and takes after-hours and weekend appointments when needed. To schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced Austin personal injury lawyer, call 512-893-6128 or contact our firm online.