Regardless of the size of your vehicle, if you were in an accident with an 18-wheeler, your injuries and the damage to your property are likely severe. Despite the fact that these drivers must undergo extensive safety training before getting on the road, negligence still occurs. It is imperative that you retain an experienced attorney to ensure that you are obtaining the best results possible after your accident.

At The Levine Law Firm, our Austin 18-wheeler accident lawyer has more than 20 years of experience working with individuals who have been struck by tractor-trailers. We are committed to helping you obtain the medical care and compensation you deserve. Insurance companies are notorious for shortchanging accident victims, offering them just a portion of the money they need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Investigating Accidents To Accurately Determine Liability

We will closely examine the black box recording, logs and any other evidence available at the time of the accident. We will speak with the investigating police officers, witnesses, accident reconstructionists and vocational rehabilitation experts as we determine liability and build your case.

Attorney Jeremy Levine diligently pursues outcomes for his clients that serve their best interests, whether that involves negotiating a settlement or fighting aggressively in court. In either case, he is committed to giving you the financial and physical respite you need. Your life may never be the same after an accident, but we are committed to helping you pursue a future that is as bright and supported as possible.

Contact Our Travis County Tractor-Trailer Injury Lawyer

You will not pay attorney fees unless your case is successful. Our firm has regular office hours and takes after-hours and weekend appointments when needed. To schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced 18-wheeler accident lawyer in Austin, Texas, call 512-893-6128, or contact our firm online.