Highways are busy roadways so it’s important that everyone obeys traffic laws to keep accidents from occurring. When driver recklessness happens, people can be injured or even killed. It’s possible that recklessness was a cause of a recent accident that killed three men and injured several others.

The accident happened on Sept. 13 at the intersection of Belterra and U.S. 290 Drive not far from Dripping Springs. A Dodge pickup and a Honda Accord collided while the Honda was making a turn onto U.S. 290. Three backseat passengers in the Ram pickup were killed instantly. One passenger in the front seat of the truck was airlifted to a hospital, while another passenger was transported via ambulance to another hospital. The driver of the Honda did not suffer serious injuries.

The speed limit for that particular part of the highway is 65 miles per hour. The high speed combined with traffic lights can make for some dangerous situations, since some people try to beat the yellow light, while others with a red light try to anticipate the green light. When the two ideas combine, high-speed collisions can result and people are injured or killed. It’s not known whether either of these issues took place in this accident, but the accident is still under investigation. No one has been cited.

This was a tragic collision with an even more tragic outcome. After the police have completed their investigation, the families of those killed as well as those who were injured will have a better idea about whether it is plausible to seek damages from anyone who is found to be at fault. Speaking with an attorney who is experienced in personal injury cases can be beneficial.

Source: KVUE.com, “Three dead in two-car accident on 290” No author given, Sep. 13, 2013