An accident can happen anywhere, on any street, but there are some parts of Austin, Texas, more prone to accidents than others. A local organization is attempting to pinpoint these locations so drivers can be aware of the risks, and hopefully, decrease the number ofcar accidents in those areas. is using a combination of city data and social media input to identify the most dangerous stretches of road in Austin. The organization is gathering opinions from websites such as Facebook and Reddit and combining it with data provided by the City Department of Transportation and CAMPO to create a map that pinpoints the areas in the city most prone to accidents.

According to the data, most accidents do not occur on freeways or major thoroughfares as one might think. The data shows that out of the 78 traffic fatalities that occurred in Austin last year, 60 percent of the accidents occurred on local streets. Only 15 percent happened on highways such as I-35, and only 25 percent of fatal accidents took place on U.S. Hwy. 183, MoPac, SH 71 and U.S. Hwy. 290 combined.

Austin has traffic issues, so it is no shock that some of the busier parts of the city are also where numerous accidents occur. Anyone who has to travel in the city, be it by highway or city street, should pay close attention to traffic congestion, road conditions or other factors that can cause accidents. Paying attention to what you are doing and looking out for others around you is a good step in preventing accidents from happening.

However, if you are involved in an accident in which you are victim, you can seek compensation for your losses. A legal professional experienced in these types of situations can help anyone who might need to seek reimbursement for medical bills or other expenses incurred because of a situation in which they had no control.

Source:, “Map: Are These Austin’s Worst Intersections?” Andrew Weber, Oct. 23, 2013