When you have been in an accident that involves a semi-truck or a commercial vehicle, the physical devastation can be enormous. They are so much larger than a regular vehicle and their blind spots are so huge that it makes it difficult to get out of their way sometimes. And sometimes it isn’t even your fault that you have had the crash. The crash site can be quite complex. You are injured and any passengers in your car are injured. Your vehicle is totaled and now you have to face life physically hurt and without transportation.

At the Levine Law Firm, we have dealt with this type of situation so many times. We know how hard it can be to deal with a pushy insurance company that only wants to force you to take a low payout and sign a document that says you won’t sue them or the trucking company. Please let us help. We have a team that goes to work on your behalf immediately after the first meeting.

Our 20 years of experience comes into play when we take pictures of the scene of the accident and do our research into accidents that the trucker had before or the trucking company itself has had. We interview the police officers who processed the crash and we also work with your medical team to determine what injuries you have received. We reconstruct the accident and are not afraid to take the company that hurt you to court for recompense.

We can help you navigate the turbulence that this accident has caused you in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We can help you get what is rightfully yours because of the medical bills, missed work and pain and suffering.