Legal issues and lawsuits can impact a business’s or corporation’s bottom line and also their reputation. Improperly-handled transactions can result in costly, time-consuming litigation. The Levine Law Firm is a Travis County litigation law firm that assures experienced, affordable personal representation and guidance for a wide range of business transactions and litigation.

An Experienced Litigation Lawyer in Travis County TX

Travis County litigation lawyer Jeremy Levine brings 22 years of experience to his Travis County litigation law practice. He has helped private and public sector clients with simple and complex legal matters, both in state and federal courts.

At our litigation law practice in Travis County TX, we handle virtually every type of business and corporate litigation, including:

  • Employment disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Property liens
  • Fraud
  • Leases (both residential and commercial)
  • Title issues
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes

Legal Guidance on Transactions

Our Travis County litigation law firm represents clients in a wide variety of business and corporate transactions, including:

  • Business formation and sales
  • Asset sales transactions
  • Creditor and debtor issues
  • Shareholder and partnership agreements
  • Employment contracts and legal agreements (including non-compete agreements)
  • Residential and commercial real estate transactions

Our litigation law firm in Travis County works with companies throughout the area to determine what their goals are and seeks the best possible outcome.

Contact Us to Find Out What We Can Do for You

Whether you need help with an imminent litigation issue or transaction or you’re looking for a Travis County litigation law firm to handle all of your legal needs, call us at 512-476-9800 . You can also contact us online using our quick, convenient form to schedule a free initial consultation at our convenient Austin offices. We look forward to being your new business partner.