In the last couple of weeks, two women have allegedly been bitten by a bat at a Round Rock, Texas, Walmart. The second woman to be bitten came forward about the animal attack, but health officials are still trying to locate the first victim.

The known victim, 37, contacted the Williamson County and Cities Health District after finding two bite marks on her hand. She believes she could have been bitten when she used her hand to swat away a bat on her leg while she was inside the Walmart. Unfortunately, the woman is now having to undergo a series of rabies shots.

The other woman may have been bitten around 9:15 p.m. on Aug. 6. Witnesses to the possible animal attack said that a bat touched the woman’s foot while she was in the beauty products aisle.

According to health officials, it is imperative for those who have suffered a bat bite to contact their health care provider or doctor right away. The rabies vaccine can prevent rabies in humans, as long as it is started quickly and before the person shows any symptoms. It can take several weeks for rabies symptoms to show, such as a headache, fever, agitation, confusion or sleepiness. When more advanced symptoms appear, the disease is usually fatal.

A spokesperson for Walmart said that the colony of bats number around 100 and has since been removed. However, those injured by the bats may have a premises liability case against the retailer. Business owner liability may be possible when an injury occurs on one’s property. An experienced attorney can provide more information for those who are injured due to a business’ negligence.

Source:, “Woman treated for rabies after bat bite at Round Rock Walmart” Jackie Vega, Aug. 15, 2014