A 2-year-old Texas girl suffered serious injury after she was mauled by her mother’s boyfriend’s dog. The child’s mother, age 23, was pet-sitting for her boyfriend when the animal mauled her daughter. The unprovoked attack also resulted in the woman being injured as she attempted to pry the animal away from her child.

Authorities say that the child suffered serious injury to her head and face. The hospital is not releasing information about the child’s condition at this time. The girl’s mother has also been hospitalized with injuries to her arms and hands, though she is in good condition at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Neighbors expressed their sorrow at hearing about the news; one woman, also the mother of a 2-year-old, said she sympathized with the victims’ plight. Another neighbor said he was shocked to hear about the result of the animal attack, which he characterized as “horrible.”

Officers said when they arrived at the scene that the animal had cornered the victims, who had fled to a bathroom while waiting for help. The officer had to shoot the dog in order to make the attack stop. Ultimately, animal control officers euthanized the animal because it was still alive after being shot by the police officer.

Authorities report that charges will likely not be filed in the case, despite the serious injuries that were caused by the animal attack. Even if the dog owner does not face criminal charges because of the dog bite injury, he could be held liable for negligence in connection with the animal attack. Victims who have been harmed by unprovoked attacks may be eligible for financial compensation for emotional pain, medical expenses and other costs associated with a dog bite incident.

Source:  KHOU.com, “Police: 2-year-old airlifted after attacked by pit bull owned by mother’s boyfriend” Kevin Reece, Mar. 31, 2014