A Texas man has suffered fatal injury at a national park after attempting to retrieve an item from the edge of the Grand Canyon. The 53-year-old Grapevine man reportedly plunged 350 feet to his death at the South Rim of the canyon while he was visiting Grand Canyon National Park. It is not clear whether inadequate security measures may be to blame for the man’s fall from such a significant height.

Authorities say that the man may have dropped his hat near the edge of the gorge, but an investigation is still ongoing. At this point, there is no reason to suspect foul play, and the park rangers say they believe that the slip-and-fall accident occurred because the man simply got too close to the edge. There were no witnesses to the fall. However, rangers found the man’s body inside the canyon, and they began administering emergency aid. The man’s body was removed from the park by a helicopter.

Statistics show that about 12 people die at Grand Canyon National Park every year. About 4.5 million visitors go to the park annually. Most of the reported fatalities are attributable to natural causes, though accidents such as heat stroke, drowning and car crashes are also cited. A couple people die each year from falls over the rim of the canyon, despite warnings about the dangers of stepping too close to the gorge’s edge.

Family members of those who have died at such attractions because of hazardous conditions may be eligible for financial compensation from the agency that oversees the facility. Premises liability cases are not only limited to wet floors and icy sidewalks. Texas personal injury attorneys may also assist with dangerous property conditions at outdoor recreation venues.

Source: CBS News, “Texas man falls 350 feet to his death at Grand Canyon” No author given, Mar. 18, 2014