Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, and many people will be traveling to and from Austin this weekend to celebrate with their friends and family. But just as there are many additional travelers on our roads and highways over holiday weekends, there are additional concerns over highway safety and preventing car accidents.

Because people have the right to travel on safe roads free from dangerous drivers, preventing drunk driving accidents is one area of major focus for this year’s Labor Day. The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) plans to increase DWI enforcement patrols through Sept. 9. Troopers will be focusing on high-risk locations with a history of DWI-related accidents.

During the Labor Day enforcement period in 2012, DPS troopers made nearly 1,900 DWI arrests across the state. But drinking and driving is not the only danger on the road this holiday weekend, and authorities are cautioning drivers against other forms of dangerous driving that could cause accidental injury or death this holiday weekend.

In addition to getting the message out about the dangers of drinking and driving, DPS officials are cautioning against distracted driving. As technology has improved, our use of technological devices such as cell phones has increased, and these devices have found their way into drivers’ hands. Eliminating these distractions while driving can go a long way towards making a holiday road trip a safe one.

Holiday travel often presents unique challenges, but eliminating distracted driving and driving while intoxicated can help in preventing car accidents and serious injuries this holiday weekend.

Source: KETK, “DPS boosts patrols for Labor Day enforcement period,” Aug. 26, 2013