After a Texas woman claimed to have been attacked by a pit bull, the owner of the dog refused to give the animal up to law enforcement officials. Though it is not known if any action will be taken if the owner fails to surrender the pitbull concerning a 10-day quarantine period, this owner is required to have the dog examined to determine whether it may have rabies.

It was reported that the woman had been bitten to the hand and possibly to the forearm. She will likely also need to undergo a series of rabies vaccinations if a veterinarian is not given the opportunity to examine the dog.

One official claimed it is unusual for an owner to refuse to give the animal up for quarantine. Apparently most individuals are more contrite about what has occurred. This particular owner has not only failed to obtain current rabies vaccinations for his pet, he also owns four other animals for which he has failed to obtain a license. The owner also faces a number of fines and is scheduled to address each citation he has received in court.

Although this may be unusual, there are many animal owners that refuse to take responsibility for the actions of their pets. Criminal penalties and fines often do not deter individuals from allowing animals to roam free, and sometimes these animals turn out to pose dangers to the public. Fines and penalties often do little to help anyone that is attacked since the injuries caused by pit bulls can be quite devastating.

People injured due to a dog bite or dog attack may wish to seek the advice and counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney. These attorneys can hold dog owners responsible for dog attacks because they ultimately are the ones responsible for keeping the animal restrained.

Source: Houston Chronicle, “Woman claims pitbull attack, Houston owner refuses surrender order,” by Carol Christian, June 12, 2013