Children should be safe while getting on and off and waiting for school buses. However, a stretch of highway in Austin has people afraid that driver recklessness is going to lead to a child being injured or worse.

According to business owners along the stretch of Hwy 290 near Dripping Springs, cars fly by, completely ignoring the speed limit. During rush hour, drivers completely ignore the signs that they are require to stop for. Texas law states that vehicles are required to stop for a school bus if there is not an intervening space or physical barrier. There is no type of barrier on this stretch of highway, nor any intervening space. Drivers are ignoring this law. Business owners and residents are afraid a child will be injured or killed by a speeding driver.

The problem has been brought to the Hays County Sheriff’s Office’s attention, and they have pledged to increase monitoring of the area, especially when school bus traffic is heaviest. According to a Hays County deputy, drivers who are caught ignoring the law or speeding could face fines up to $1,250. The South Austin Department of Public Safety is also aware of the situation.

It would be wise for the cities of Austin and Dripping Springs to pay close attention to this situation, especially since they acknowledge the issue as a problem. If someone is injured or killed, and the cause can be traced back to this issue, both the city of Austin and Dripping Springs could be held financially responsible. The cities could face damages from medical bills, vehicle damage or any other losses that were incurred because of an known issue.

Anyone who is injured because of known issue or simply in an accident in which he or she did not cause has the right to seek compensation for their losses. An experienced legal professional can assist a person in determining exactly what they can seek in relation to damages. Reimbursement for property damage, medical bills or other expenses related to the accident could all be sought through a court of law.

Source:, “Dangerous Dripping Springs Bus Stop Upsetting Local Businesses” Ashley Roberts, Oct. 24, 2013