There has been a great deal of coverage concerning the roller coaster accident that occurred at Six Flags over Texas that resulted in the death of a 52-year-old woman.  The woman fell approximately 75 feet to her death when the seat strap gave way and the woman tumbled out of the ride.

This understandably has raised a number of questions regarding various safety issues at amusement parks and whether the appropriate oversight has been present.  Though amusement parks  such as Six Flags must abide by state and local laws, it has been asserted that accidents at amusement parks on not subject to investigation or inspection by federal authorities.  It is further claimed that once criminal activity has been ruled out, there likely will be no further investigation by government authorities of any kind.

In Texas, it appears that no regulatory agency is in place to make certain that rides are safe.  Customers at amusement parks are essentially relying upon the approval of the Texas Department of Insurance to make certain that the rides have been inspected.  And the Occupational Safety Hazard Administration only is concerned with data that pertains to employees at the parks.

Still, customers do have the right to file premises liability lawsuits against property owners when an injury on that property occurs.  Texas property owners are required to keep their facilities safe and secure in order to prevent injuries upon the premises.

If one is injured at the property of another, they may wish to consult with an attorney that understands the liability that property owners might face.  Premises liability attorneys can inspect and make determinations as to how owners may be negligent in the care of their property.  They can also hold these property owners liable for injuries.

Such cases are necessary because we cannot tolerate accidents like the one mentioned above to reoccur.

Source: ABC News, “No Federal Regulations for Roller Coaster Safety,” Colleen Curry, July 22, 2013