Scores of Texas residents are injured every year in truck and motorcycle accidents. This problem also extends into other nearby states. An Arizona man is facing negligent homicide charges after causing a multiple-vehicle accident on Jan. 20. The accident caused a motorcycle rider to die from catastrophic injuries.

The accident occurred on Interstate 17 when gas cylinders fell off of the defendant’s truck. An SUV braked to avoid the cylinders. The motorcyclist behind that man also stopped. He was struck from behind by a tractor-trailer rig, which pushed him into the SUV. Several explosions then occurred. The rider suffered such severe traumatic injuries and burns that he died. The semi-truck was also reportedly damaged in the blast. News reports have not indicated that any other victims were injured.

The decedent was described as a “gearhead.” He often performed maintenance on vehicles and rode his motorcycle. The victim was also reportedly a safe driver. His friend said he always wore a helmet and appropriate clothing. The man was also described as cheerful.

Authorities sought the driver of the truck after the wreck. They located him after speaking to witnesses and pursuing leads. That driver is also facing felony charges from another incident in 2013. The defendant was accused of involvement in gang activity.

This driver is facing criminal charges. He could also be subject to civil punishment. Family members may be able seek financial compensation for wrongful death related to motorcycle accidents. The driver of the truck may be required to pay for medical costs, emotional distress and other civil claims. The owner of the truck or trucking company could also be held liable. A Texas attorney can provide additional information about victims’ rights in civil court.

Source:, “Driver arrested in fiery crash that killed motorcyclist” Jason Volentine, Jan. 23, 2014