An Austin pit bull owner has been charged with a third degree felony after his dog allegedly attacked a neighbor. The neighbor apparently was outside with her own puppy when the pit bull entered the property from underneath a chain link fence. It seems that the owner of the pit bull had left the dog alone in the yard. Due to a problem with the fence on the owner’s yard, the pit bull managed to escape.

It was reported that the dog bit the woman on the arm and the left breast. As the dog apparently refused to let go, the woman had to pull her arm out of the dog’s mouth. The woman was subsequently hospitalized, and her injuries were described as being severe. The victim was said to have suffered nerve damage as a result of the animal attack, and it appears that she will also require surgery.

This is one more instance demonstrating that animal attacks are often anything but minor in nature. Injuries that occur due to dog attacks often result in severe lacerations and permanent scarring. The possibility of infection is great.

When homeowners do not make the effort to keep their pets under control, they need to be held accountable. Attorneys experienced in the area of personal injury are generally familiar with the laws concerning the ownership of pets and can successfully litigate lawsuits where individuals are injured due to dog bites. Generally this can include seeking recovery through the dog owner’s homeowner’s policy.

Perhaps more importantly, the message will be sent that dog attacks can be avoided. Though these sorts of attacks are all too common, dog owners often do not take the proper precautions to make certain that their pet is secured.

Source: KEYE TV, “Pit Bull Owner Charged in Dog’s Unprovoked Attack,” Aug. 9, 2013