When a vehicle becomes disabled on an interstate due to an accident or mechanical problems, moving over to the shoulder is required in order to help prevent further accidents. However, it’s not always possible to immediately move a vehicle that is disabled and oftentimes, other drivers stop to help.

In Fort Worth, Texas, several people had stopped to help a motorist that had been involved in an accident. According to police, the vehicle was the only one involved in the initial accident. A semi-truck hit several vehicles and people when it was unable to stop. The semi then caught fire.

Four people were pronounced dead at the accident scene. Another died at a local hospital. A spokesman for the ambulance service said that two others suffered serious injuries and 10 more suffered minor injuries.

The injured victims and the families of those that were killed would surely want answers about the cause of this deadly crash. Police are still investigating, and in many cases, it can take several weeks before the police make their findings public.

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When tragedy strikes, you should concentrate on healing — not on whom to hold liable, court filings and more. This is where an attorney comes in.

Source: My Fox Austin, “Fort Worth wreck kills 5, injures 12,” April. 12, 2015