Austin, Texas, police responded to an accident on March 3 at the intersection of Wheless Lane. That accident led to the serious injuries of two children, ages 4 and 5. The children were in a child carrier that was attached to a child carrier.

The children were stuck underneath the vehicle as the driver continued and tried reportedly get away from the accident. When the man on the bicycle approached the 22-year-old police say was driving, he reportedly fled on foot. The children suffered injuries that ranged from right and left broken arms to broken teeth.

The person who owns the car told police that he had lent the car to a man who had a moniker of “Man Man.” The police could not determine who that was. The public, however, called to tell them who the man driving the car was. A witness to the accident told the officers that the man appeared dazed, he was hopping from side-to-side and that it seemed he was on some sort of medication.

While the man is not currently in custody, there is a warrant out with a bond of $150,000. A School Resource officer told police that the man was reportedly “scared, depressed, possibly suicidal and suffers from severe seizures.”

The police received many calls about this driver and they say they are certain that they have the man’s identity correct.

If you or someone you love are injured because of being impaired, you have a right to seek compensation. A lawyer can help you understand what options you have under the law. This might include a settlement offer from the driver’s insurance or from the car’s owner.

Source:, “Police identify man who fled after crashing into 2 kids,” Claire Ricke, April 11, 2016