Accidents involving trucks or other commercial vehicles can be especially complex, which is why you need a Leander trucking accident attorney that can unpack it all. The Levine Law Firm is home to Jeremy Levine, a qualified attorney with over 20 years of experience in personal injury law.

With Mr. Levine as your Leander trucking accident lawyer, you can trust that each legal move you make is rooted in a deep knowledge on these types of accidents.


Why choose Jeremy Levine as your trucking accident attorney in Leander?

Mr. Levine is more than qualified to work with victims of trucking accidents. He understands the nuances involved with these types of accidents and can leverage his extensive knowledge to build a strong case on your behalf.

The Levine Law Firm will go to work dissecting the details of your case, examining the accident report, conducting interviews with witnesses and more. As your Leander trucking accident attorney, it is our job to spot the negligence that led to the accident and your subsequent injuries.

Once we do, we can hold the negligent parties accountable. Working with an aggressive Leander trucking accident lawyer is a must. Mr. Levine will stand up to the insurance companies when they try to low-ball you on a settlement offer and he is a confident litigator that has no problem heading to court to sort out the matter in front of a judge.


Lean on an experienced, trusted trucking accident lawyer in Leander County

Mr. Levine and the team at The Levine Law Firm has a sterling track record of success working with victims of truck accidents. As your Leander trucking accident attorney, we pledge to provide you with the close, personal attention that your case deserves. Talk to our team right now and tell us more about your needs.