Most dog bites are, while painful, relatively minor. They can be treated so they don’t get infected and those who are bitten in Texas may need stitches. However, some attacks are far more dangerous, and there are even a fair amount of fatal dog bites that take place every year.

In 2014, there were 42 such fatalities across the United States. Pit bulls were responsible for most of the deadly attacks, playing a role in 27 of them. That’s a full 64 percent of the total. This is worth noting because pit bulls are rather uncommon, making up just 6 percent of the dogs in the U.S., despite being involved in most of the deadly incidents.

Second in danger to the pit bull was the Rottweiler, which was responsible for 4 deaths in 2014. That means that those two breeds together were involved in almost three-quarters of the deaths.

Unfortunately for those who live in Texas, this state was actually the most dangerous one in the country, statistically speaking. There were seven deaths in Texas in 2014, more than any other state. Six of those were connected to pit bulls, or 86 percent.

Interestingly, 0 percent of the fatal dog attacks in 2013 brought about felony charges, but that changed in 2014, when 43 percent of the deaths did lead to felony charges.

Have you been attacked by a dog, even if it was a minor attack, or have you lost a loved one in a fatal attack? If so, you must know what rights you and your family have to seek compensation.

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