A highway accident can tie up traffic, cause delays and the need for detours and result in injuries. When a truck overturns, this can cause even more issues since it is often required that special equipment or personnel be brought in to clear up those types of truck accidents. A recent accident on I-20 resulted in the highway’s closing for several hours while crews cleaned up the scene.

A semi traveling eastbound on Interstate 20 jackknifed and spilled 100 gallons of fuel onto the roadway. The truck then struck two other vehicles which resulted in another 50 gallons of fuel making it onto the highway. A woman in one of the cars was trapped in her vehicle.

It took first responders 10 minutes to free the woman from her car. She was taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. No other injuries were reported.

A Haz-Mat crew was called in to clean up the spill. The team absorbed as much as the fuel as possible, and then drained 50 gallons from the truck so it could be moved from the scene. The cleanup took several hours and the eastbound lanes stayed closed while the scene was cleared. This is normal procedure when an accident involves a hazardous material such as fuel.

Investigators will examine the semi to determine what caused the truck to jackknife. The results of the investigation might be of interest to the woman who was injured, since she would be within her rights to seek compensation for her injuries and damaged vehicle. Anyone who is involved in such an incident would be wise to seek the advice of a legal professional knowledgeable about these types of events. This professional can help a person determine if seeking damages from the at-fault person is a viable option.

Source:  The Dallas Morning News, “Truck accident causes fuel spill on I-20, stalls traffic for hours” Claire Cardona, Oct. 10, 2013