A former police officer was recently killed in a motorcycle accident in Texas. It appears that the motorcycle was riding in a northbound direction as he approached an intersection at approximately 11:40 a.m. Reports of the crash indicate that the motorcycle collided with a Jeep Grand Cherokee that was making a turn at that intersection.

The 38-year-old man formerly was from the east coast and moved to Texas back in 2007. A fellow police officer stated that the deceased man was married and had children. Alcohol and drugs were ruled out as a factor in the motorcycle accident, but investigation into the matter has continued. No citations have been issued as concerns this incident.

Motorcycle accidents often occur during the broad daylight at times while most of us are going about our business.  Speed is often not a factor and there may not be any indications that the driver causing the accident was behaving in a reckless manner.  However, the driver often is not paying attention to the possible presence of motorcycles being on the road.  We will still need to wait to find out if that was the case here.

For whatever reason, motorcycle riders that have the right-of-way are often cut-off at intersections.  This may be due to the rider not seeing the motorcycle or simply assuming that he or she did not have to yield to a motorcycle approaching an intersection.

In any case, personal injury attorneys will help injured motorcycle riders and their families out when an accident does occur because of the consequences of such crashes. The injuries that motorcycle riders suffer in crashes are generally quite severe.  Such injuries could often have been avoided if the other driver paid adequate attention to other vehicles on the road and understood the traffic regulations that will sometimes give the motorcycle rider the right-of-way.

Source: Ocean Signal, “Former Jackson Township Police Officer Killed in Motorcycle Crash in Texas,” July 23, 2013