A man from Fort Worth has been accused of drunk driving in a car accident that killed three individuals on March 8. The incident happened approximately 42 miles from Dallas along U.S. Highway 67 not far from County Road 810 and Baker Lane.

The crash happened during the early morning hours at close to 1:30 a.m. This is a time when there are usually elevated numbers of inebriated drivers on the road heading home from late night parties and bars.

Tragically, a 22-year-old woman, a 2-year-old baby and a 5-year-old boy were found dead at the accident scene. Rescue workers were able to save one child involved in the accident. That child was flown by helicopter to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. All of the deceased and the child who survived were riding in the same vehicle.

Following the collision, police arrested the driver of the other vehicle on three counts of murder and one count of intoxicated assault. Police records indicate that the man’s blood alcohol content tested at 0.24 percent, which is three times the legal limit in Texas. Further, that test was performed approximately three hours after the collision. The man has a history of DWIs on his criminal record.

The family members of individuals killed in drunk driving car accidents in Texas may have strong claims for wrongful death damages in civil court. The decision to pursue such a claim is no doubt a personal one, but it some cases, it is also a financial one. Indeed, financial damages relating to end of life expenses, lost lifetime income, pain and suffering and other damages could be extremely helpful to a family that is suffering from a loved one’s loss.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Police: Fort Worth man arrested in drunken driving crash that killed three” Claire Cardona, Mar. 09, 2015