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History Of Large And Speedy Settlements In Many Types Of Cases
Jeremy Levine and The Levine Law Firm are personal injury lawyers with a history of fast, efficient case handling and great success as shown by its many large financial results in cases involving its clients. Within the last three years alone, The Levine Law Firm has attained multiple $100,000+ settlements for its Austin and Central Texas based clients in wrongful death cases, car accident cases, slip-and-fall cases, motorcycle accident cases, dog bite cases and work-related accident cases. The Levine Law Firm is ready to help you maximize your personal injury recovery in virtually any type of case.

Extremely Attentive And Committed To Clients’ Needs
Jeremy Levine and The Levine Law Firm offer a highly attentive and efficient brand of personal injury law services. Jeremy Levine has been practicing law in Austin, Texas, since 1994, and in every case, the firm considers not just the legal aspects of the case, but the financial and emotional aspects of the case as well. The Levine Law Firm is committed not only to justice, but also to our clients’ particular best interests, which may vary from case to case.

All You Have To Do Is Heal
Our work is simple — we take care of your personal injury situation so that you can take care of yourself and your loved ones throughout the healing process. We will work aggressively, attentively and efficiently for you to ensure that you get what you rightfully deserve, and that you get the funds you need financially to move forward with your life.

Jeremy’s History Of Community Involvement
Jeremy Levine has been an active member of the Texas State Bar since 1994. Before founding The Levine Law Firm in 2007, he was a partner in the Austin offices of Cantey Hanger LLP and Walker, Bright & Lewis, P.C. Jeremy graduated in 1990 from the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in advertising and in 1994 from the University of Oklahoma College of Law. Prior to graduating from law school, he worked in the Washington, D.C., office of Senator Joseph Lieberman. Jeremy is licensed to practice in Federal Court in the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western Districts of Texas, as well as before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. In addition to handling cases in the Austin region, he has handled numerous cases in the Dallas, Houston, Waco and San Antonio areas and surrounding counties, as well as in the Rio Grande Valley. Jeremy is a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association, the Capital Area Trial Lawyers Association, the Travis County Bar Association, and only recently ended a four-year tenure on the Executive Committee of the Austin Chapter of the Anti-Defamation League, finding inspiration in the ADL’s commitment to “fairness and justice for all.”

Nothing. Jeremy Levine and The Levine Law Firm work on a “contingency fee,” which means that if you don’t recover any money in your case, neither does the firm. In addition, the firm fronts all costs and expenses of your case, which, again, means that if the firm does not recover any money in the case, you will not have to pay back any of the expenses.

In addition, the firm is often able to assist you in obtaining medical treatment under a “letter of protection,” which means that you will be treated without coming out of pocket for any of your medical treatment. Again, if the firm does not recover any money in the case, you will not have to pay back any of the costs of this treatment.

The Levine Law Firm operates this way because we do not believe in taking cases we don’t think we can win. If we take your case, you can be sure you will win.

If you are injured in an accident, one of the first things that may happen is that the other party’s insurance company may call you and ask you about what happened in the accident, and about your injuries. What you say to an insurance company can and will be used against you. Often a person just injured in a car accident in particular, does not feel the full brunt of his injuries until a day or two later. However, he/she may have told the insurance company that he was “not hurt” or “not badly hurt” a few hours after the accident. Without question the most common mistake people make after an accident has occurred is in speaking to the other side’s insurance professional without a lawyer — a professional of his/her own — on his/her side. We strongly recommend that you do not speak to the other party’s insurance company without having retained a lawyer.

The next most common mistake injured persons make after an accident has occurred is not seeking treatment quickly enough. It is very important for your case to have an objective track record showing that you have been injured. Therefore, it is crucial if you have been injured that you get to a doctor or another medical professional as soon as you can, after the accident. Further, it is crucial that you do not create a “gap in treatment” by missing your doctor’s appointments in the weeks and months following your accident, as these are things that can be used against you by insurance adjusters and defense counsel in your case. While not indicative of the extent of your injuries, not treating soon after your accident, or missing treatment sessions creates an argument that either you were not badly injured at the time of the accident, or you were healed fairly soon after the accident.

There are two elements an injured claimant needs to prove his/her case.

The first is the “liability” of the other party. This can be shown by a police report, witness statements, the admission of the other party, photographs, phone records, videos or all of the above. If possible, do what you can to take pictures of the cars, the scene or the premises in which you were injured. It is our job as lawyers to gather this evidence and use it to show “liability,” but is helpful to have it available to us in the first place. We are experts at gathering evidence and shaping your case so as to maximize your results.

The second element is “damages.” These are shown by the medical records and bills that track your injuries, as well as by the testimony of you and your family and friends with regard to your physical, mental and emotional condition. We can assist you in gathering this evidence.

It is difficult to value your case at the beginning, but the fact is, that the more seriously you are injured, the more valuable your case is. In a serious injury case, it is even more vital that you get to a doctor fast, and make it to most or all of your appointments, as there is so much more to lose if you don’t. Factors that affect the value of your case are:

  • Whether you have any liability on your end (meaning, was the accident caused in part by your actions or omissions?)
  • The nature and extent of your injuries (Did you have broken bones? Do you need a surgery or surgeries?)
  • Whether or not there are objective signs of the injuries, both at the start and over time (meaning, are there adequate medical records?)
  • Certain personality traits or actions of the other party (for example, was the other party a person a jury would not like? Or was the other party driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol?)
Once you sign up with The Levine Law Firm, your main job will simply be to treat your injuries, follow doctor’s orders and get better.

In the event that your case does not settle prior to a lawsuit being filed (and we will keep you very well-updated on this as your case develops) you may be called on to assist us with answering “discovery” (questions sent over by the other side) and you may be called on to give your deposition. However, you will not need to worry about discovery of your deposition until we are far down the line, and we will be certain to prepare you fully and well in advance, in the event these are necessary.

The Levine Law Firm prides itself in moving as fast as possible to complete our cases. However, we cannot begin to prepare our demand packages and move forward with your case until you have finished treating. We are able to complete a minor injury case in as little as three to four months; however, a more serious injury case usually takes at least a year. Again, our goal is to maximize our clients’ return, and in order to do that, it is important to have a complete treatment history; without that, we would be trying to resolve a case before it was ripe for resolution.