For motorcyclists, the riding season is in full swing. Throughout Texas and across the country, motorcycles are out and about, with riders enjoying the open road. Motorcycles, however, don’t often fare well in an accident and neither do the riders. One expert provides safety tips for motorcyclists with the hope of preventing motorcycle accidents.

The expert is a motorcycle safety class instructor, as well as a registered nurse. She said, “The feeling you get while riding is indescribable; however, it can change in the blink of an eye.”

She suggests that riders wear long sleeves and long pants in order to protect against getting a sunburn or suffering road rash in an accident. Leather clothing — or the kind that is considered “armored” — is recommended. Reflective clothing can help others on the roads see you. Injuries to the ankles and feet can be prevented with boots or shoes that cover the ankle and are closed-toed.

Wearing a helmet is also important, and it should be one that meets the standards of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The teacher also recommends that every motorcyclist consider “what if scenarios.” For example, what would you do if an animal suddenly darted in front of your motorcycle? What if a car pulls out in front of you?

She says that weather and road conditions should always be considered. Roads slick with rain or gravel roads can prevent a hazard. In addition, letting someone know where you will be headed is a good idea.

Finally, she suggests taking a motorcycle safety class. You can brush up on your skills before hitting the open road.

No matter what preventions motorcyclists may take, other drivers will still be the cause of injurious or fatal accidents. When a motorcyclist suffers serious injuries or is killed because of a negligent driver, a successful civil lawsuit may help the injured rider or the family of a deceased rider with the financial implications of the accident.

Source:  My FOX Austin, “Expert offers motorcycle safety tips” Jul. 06, 2014