Why try to take on the workers’ compensation system on your own when you can have experienced, helpful Elgin workers comp attorneys in your corner?

Workers’ compensation insurance is very common amongst businesses. These are insurance policies that business owners take out. They award compensation to injured workers following an accident on the job. Seems easy enough, right?

If you have been injured on the job and are relying on workers’ compensation to cover your needs, you might quickly find out that this is an imperfect system and that you need Elgin workers comp lawyers to make sure you’re treated fairly.


Workers comp attorneys in Elgin that can shed some needed light on the process

As your workers comp lawyers in Elgin, the Levine Law Firm will assist you with all phases of filing for workers’ compensation.

From assisting you in filing the proper paperwork to helping you protest unfair denial of benefits, our staff will be a valuable resource that allows you to ultimately secure compensation to cover your needs.

Also as your Elgin workers comp attorneys, the Levine Law Firm can help you file a third-party lawsuit against a negligent employer or party. This might be necessary if you are facing extensive medical bills and expenses and workers’ compensation payments simply aren’t enough.


Have you been injured on the job? Consult with knowledgeable Elgin workers comp lawyers

Unfortunately, many injured workers both locally and throughout the country miss out on money and benefits they are entitled to because they didn’t know how to act following an accident at work. We want to help you.

The Levine Law Firm is one of the leading Elgin workers comp attorneys that will help you walk through the process following your accident. Contact our team and let us know about your needs.