Accidents come in many different forms, and Jeremy Levine of the Levine Law Firm is an Elgin personal injury lawyer that has extensive experience with these many different types of cases.

Whether you have been injured in an accident while at work, or you suffered an injury due to a hazard on someone else’s property, Mr. Levine is a personal injury lawyer in Elgin that not only brings expertise to the table, but also affords you the close, personal attention you deserve.


A small, devoted team

When many people think of high-powered lawyers, they generally think about the biggest firms that advertise all over TV and billboards. While many of these large, accomplished firms employ some truly talented colleagues, here at the Levine Law Firm, we take a different approach as your personal injury lawyer in Elgin.

We’re a small team — consisting of Mr. Levine as our practicing attorney and his team of paralegals. Just because our staff is small doesn’t mean we lack the expertise you require for your case. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an Elgin personal injury lawyer with more experience than Mr. Levine.

As your personal injury lawyer in Elgin, we provide comprehensive care – from laying out your many options to discussing potential settlements and helping refer you to needed medical care while you wait for your case to be sorted out.


We want to represent you after your accident!

The Levine Law Firm takes immense pride in our work. So many folks come to our team injured, scared and often times feeling hopeless. We’ll show you that your situation isn’t as hopeless as you once thought.

Gain the perspective of an experienced, accomplished Elgin personal injury lawyer by consulting with the Levine Law Firm. We offer free case evaluations that will shed some light on your options following an accident.