The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has regulations that companies in Texas are supposed to use to test truck drivers for drugs and alcohol at certain times. This is done to make sure that drivers are not abusing these substances and then driving anyway, which can lead to many accidents.

However, drivers are also encouraged to admit when they have used alcohol or drugs. If they do this, they can skip some of the steps that would have to be taken if they took the test and failed. However, drivers are not allowed to admit that they’ve used for the express purpose of skipping a test—such as admitting it right before the test is carried out.

Additionally, the driver has to admit the use before doing something that could put other people in danger. For example, the driver can’t take a load from one location to another, drop it off, admit to drinking before the trip began, and then still expect not to face any ramifications due to the admission.

Even after an admission is made, the driver still has to be evaluated, so drivers should not think that the admission gets them out of this process. In fact, they won’t be allowed to do anything that is considered a “safety sensitive function”—which can be as simple as reporting for work—until the evaluation has been carried out and no danger is found.

Though companies try in these ways to reduce drunk driving accidents, it does not work all of the time, and those who have been injured in these truck accidents need to know how to get compensation.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “Part 382: Controlled Substances and Alcohol Use and Testing,” accessed Aug. 14, 2015