Dogs make wonderful pets and companions, but when they attack, the results can be deadly and disfiguring.

Even when the initial bites appear to be healed, if a child is bitten, there can be latent, serious injuries that may not immediately be apparent. It is often very psychologically damaging to children when a formerly friendly family member’s or neighbor’s pet turns on them out of fear or misdirected aggression.Most dog bite events occur to children nine and under and involve the upper body, including the face and head. This is quite traumatic, and children can be left with nightmares and inner trauma along with their scars.Depending upon the size of the attacking dogcompared to the child, as well as the location of all the bites, the wounds can be superficial and minor or life-threatening. Often youngsters perceive even minor lacerations from an attack to be very serious. the lingering scars on an attacked child’s face will continue to haunt him or her and can even affect the normal development.

Kids often internalize their trauma and attempt to “get over it” because they feel that is what is expected of them. However, the terror and trauma are real and remain buried deep, and can resurface years later in self-destructive ways.

It is very important that any claim for damages arising out of the dog attack addresses all emotional and psychological wounds of the child as well as the physical scars. Our attorneys at the Levine Law Firm have much experience litigating dog bite cases for our clients, and will fight hard to see that your child is fairly compensated for an attack by a dog.