A tragic accident has claimed the lives of four people in Kyle, Texas, including a 16-month-old little boy. The crash occurred about 1 a.m., and according to a justice of the peace for Hays County, the crash could have been the result of a wrong-way driver on Interstate 35.

All of those killed were in a Ford Windstar. It’s believed that that they were traveling from Mexico to Ontario. The deceased also included a 30- and 31-year-old man and a 27-year-old female. There were two passengers in the Windstar that did survive the crash. They were a 6-year-old and another child believed to be about 3. Family members have picked up the two children.

Police received a call about a wrong-way driver just moments before they got a call about the accident. When the justice of the peace arrived on scene, she said, “I knew immediately when I got there that there were going to be several deceased.” She also said that it is especially difficult to work an accident that involves young children or a family in general.

The police believe that alcohol was involved in the crash. Two other vehicles were involved, including a Honda Civic, which was driven by a Texas State University student. The 22-year-old is in critical condition and could face charges for intoxication manslaughter if the toxicology results confirm that he was impaired. There was no word on how the people in the third vehicle, a Ford F-150 truck, were doing after the crash.

When an accident takes the lives of your family member, you have a right to seek compensation for your losses, including final expenses, loss of wages and more. While that can’t bring back your loved ones, it can help to provide a sense of justice.

Source: kvue.com, “Police: Four dead, including child, in Kyle crash,” Michael Perchick, Feb. 19, 2016