Welcome to the online home for an experienced and knowledgeable Cedar Park serious head injury attorney. Jeremy Levine and his staff at the Levine Law Firm specialize in working with accident victims that sustained serious head trauma.

As a longtime Cedar Park serious head injury lawyer, Mr. Levine knows the lingering effects that come with traumatic brain injuries. He knows how these injuries cause physical, mental and other complications that make it tough to live your life. These include:

  • Some traumatic brain injury sufferers find themselves unable to adhere to common day-to-day demands, such as driving themselves around or focusing for prolonged periods of time.
  • These victims can also find it hard, or impossible, to sustain a conventional job where they are asked to work eight hours of each day. As your serious head injury attorney in Cedar Park, the Levine Law Firm will fight for compensation to address this loss of earning potential.
  • Also, those that suffer traumatic brain injuries can suffer from lingering physical effects — dizziness, migraines, fatigue and more.

As your Cedar Park serious head injury attorney, Mr. Levine takes all this into considering when deciding how much you are owed in compensation.

Mr. Levine is an experienced Cedar Park serious head injury lawyer that has worked with victims of auto accidents, workplace accidents and more. He is skilled at negotiating with insurance companies and advocating for each and every client.


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