Dalton Gray, an actor on “American Horror Story,” was serious injured in a recent car accident. The 17-year-old was in the passenger seat of a friend’s vehicle in Katy, Texas, on April18 when an alleged intoxicated driver crashed into them.

According to TMZ, Gray broke his pelvis, hip and femur and had to have reconstructive surgery on his face. TMZ also reported that glass was removed from the young actor’s eye, although his vision should recover. Some pictures of the actor were shared on Twitter this past week, and he tweeted how much he appreciated his fans’ well-wishes. Gray was released on April 21, but his injuries required several stitches, and those were still in place.

Reportedly, the alleged drunk driver was arrested and is in jail. It is not known what charges that person is facing, nor whether he or she was injured.

In February of this year, another actor on “American Horror Story,” Ben Woolf, was killed after he was struck in the head by the side mirror of an SUV while crossing a Hollywood street.

When a drunk driver causes serious injuries or death to another person, he or she can be charged criminally. However, he or she can also be held civilly responsible. There does not have to be a conviction on the criminal charges in order for a successful civil suit, although a conviction can strengthen a civil suit. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide more information on how such a case would proceed. It’s important that drunk drivers are held responsible for their negligence or recklessness so that victims and their families may receive compensation for their damages and losses.

Source: Fox News, “‘American Horror Story’ actor Dalton Gray injured in car crash,” April. 23, 2015