Over the past decade, Mr. Levine has represented numerous private sector clients in business and commercial litigation in both state and federal courts throughout Texas. In recent years, Mr. Levine has, among other matters:

  • Successfully attained multiple judgments on suits on promissory notes on behalf of various private clients
  • Successfully represented various private clients in home and auto-related DTPA actions
  • Successfully litigated the removal of a lien on a homestead on behalf of a private homeowner
  • Successfully attained injunctive relief and damages, including attorney’s fees, on behalf of a large national insurer against a former employee engaged in improper competition
  • Successfully represented multiple private individual and business clients in residential and commercial lease disputes, on both landlord and tenant sides
  • Successfully defended a well-known restaurant franchise inemployment litigation brought by a former employee
  • Successfully negotiated a key employee’s buyout agreement so as to enable the client to move to a larger and more successful company in line with her goals
  • Successfully removed a six-figure judgment against a private homebuilder, ultimately attaining a court order voiding a long-standing settlement agreement on grounds of material ambiguity, thereby restarting the litigation

In addition, within the last several years, Mr. Levine has succeeded in the following legal battles:

  • Defending a large public transportation company in state district court in multiple litigation and real estate matters, including attaining an unprecedented motion for summary judgment, establishing a new legal precedent for the client to leverage in future cases
  • Defending a foreign-based real estate development corporation on a 29-count federal court pleading by attaining a full dismissal of the case on a legal technicality
  • Defending a child care franchise in federal court, ultimately resulting in the termination of the franchise agreement thereby enabling the franchisee to continue in the child care business independently
  • Attaining a judgment for fraud and breach of contract against a book publishing company in favor of the true author, thereby enabling him to move ahead with his plans to publish and sell the book
  • Forcing the return of nearly $50,000 in a matter of weeks in a lawsuit brought on behalf of homebuilder against a homeowner, thereby salvaging the homebuilder’s business
  • Resolving a partnership stalemate in a local high-tech company, enabling the client to take proprietary control of certain key software for his future use and profit
  • Suing on behalf of a partner in a large apartment project resulting in a settlement that enabled the business of the partnership to continue and the client to recover damages as well as continue to profit from the project
  • Defending a suit for injunctive relief in an oil and gas partnership dispute by filing a countersuit and leveraging the facts in order to attain a liquidation of the partnership on favorable terms to the client
  • Defending clients against the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation by assisting in the diffusion of a high-profile press release into a low-profile settlement
  • Suing on behalf of a large corporate client to enforce a covenant not to compete agreement against a former employee, resulting in a judgment enforcing the noncompete agreement as well as the recovery of damages on behalf of the client