Welcome to the Levine Law Firm, long-time Buda bicycle accident attorneys that are ready to help accident victims in the aftermath of their incident.

The Levine Law Firm has one attorney on staff — Jeremy Levine. He is one of the top Buda bicycle accident lawyers, providing your case with the knowledge and experience that comes with his over 20 years as a practicing attorney.

Finding the right Buda bike accident attorneys to fight on your behalf is important. You don’t want bike accident attorneys in Buda that are looking to settle  at your expense. You want to work with legal professionals that know what your case is worth and don’t rest until they recover that compensation.

What to do following a bicycle accident

Virtually all bike accident lawyers in Buda would advise you to take the following steps if you find yourself involved in an accident of this nature. These steps include:

  • Alerting authorities to report the accident
  • Collecting information from the driver(s) involved
  • Also gathering personal information from anyone who witnessed the incident
  • Seeking the necessary medical attention
  • Don’t agree to anything — consult with Buda bicycle accident attorneys first

With the help of Buda bicycle accident lawyers at the Levine Law Firm, you can be sure that you won’t make any procedural mistakes that might cost you your compensation.

Insurance companies often try to trick accident victims into agreeing to something that isn’t in their best interests. With the Levine Law Firm on your side, you can have the peace of mind that savvy legal professionals are watching out for you.

Don’t ignore your injuries in the aftermath of a bicycle accident. If someone’s negligence led to your injuries, then you should be compensated for the financial fallout of the accident. As your Buda bicycle accident attorneys, the Levine Law Firm will make sure that happens.