For a Bastrop County trucking accident attorney that knows the trucking industry well and has experience dealing with these types of cases, count on Jeremy Levine and the dedicated team at the Levine Law Firm.

Mr. Levine has spent over 20 years working with men and women who have been injured accidents involving semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles. As your Bastrop County trucking accident lawyer, he will make sure that you receive the compensation that you are entitled to, instead of being low-balled by an insurance company.


We have your back when you are left injured and scared

Due to the very nature of large commercial trucks, accidents involving these vehicles can lead to devastating, life-changing injuries. The negligent party and their insurance company might not be quick to acknowledge the extent of your injuries, let alone provide you with the compensation that you are entitled to.

As your trucking accident attorney in Bastrop County, Mr. Levine has the knowledge and experience to pursue compensation from multiple parties that might be involved, including:

  • The truck driver
  • The trucking company
  • Manufacturer of the truck’s components
  • Other motorists
  • And more

Having an experienced trucking accident lawyer in Bastrop County in your corner is paramount. You need someone that is able to investigate an accident and be able to identify negligence.

Mr. Levine is a Bastrop County trucking accident attorney that has an extensive knowledge of the trucking industry and the laws that govern it. He and his team will be able to collect the details of your accident, pinpoint negligent people or parties and then make sure they are held accountable.


Connect with a truly professional Bastrop County trucking accident lawyer

Mr. Levine and his staff would love to hear more about your recent accident. We can provide you with a case assessment in addition to referring you to resources you might need for medical care while your case is sorted out. Let Levine Law Firm serve as your Bastrop County trucking accident attorney.