If you have been on the receiving end of a dog bite or attack, get in touch with qualified Bastrop County dog bite attorneys right away. If you hope to recover compensation and hold the negligent pet owner responsible, you need to act quickly.

Jeremy Levine proudly serves as one of the leading Bastrop County dog attack attorneys. He is the lone attorney at the Levine Law Firm, surrounded by a compassionate, experienced support staff that is ready to provide you with legal assistance in the event of a dog bite or attack.


One of the most reliable Bastrop county dog bite lawyers

Dog bite or attack cases are truly unique. You need Bastrop County dog attack lawyers that know the terrain of these cases well and know how to hold negligent pet owners responsible.

Your dog bite attorneys in Bastrop County need to prove that:

  • A dog bite or attack indeed occurred and you were injured as result. This attack can happen on either private or public property.
  • Dog attack lawyers in Bastrop County must also be able to prove who the dog’s legal owner is. This will be the individual that is legally responsible for the legal fallout of their dog’s actions.
  • You did not do anything to provoke the attack. Bastrop County dog bite attorneys will make sure that you did not do anything to purposely rile up or agitate the animal.

Mr. Levine is one of the most experienced Bastrop County dog attack attorneys, helping victims recover from their injuries, which can include anything from lacerations to severely damaged limbs and more.

If you have been injured at the hands (or paws) of a dog, put one of the best and brightest Bastrop County dog bite attorneys in your corner. Contact the Levine Law Firm and tell us more about your case.