Welcome to the online home for a Bastrop County construction accident lawyer team that can provide you with the help you need in the event you are injured on the job. We are the Levine Law Firm, and we specialize in teaming with construction workers whose safety has been disregarded on the job, resulting in their injuries, pain and suffering.

As a longtime Bastrop County construction accident attorney, Jeremy Levine and his team at the Levine Law Firm knows well the legal obligations that employers have to their workers. They must provide all the necessary protection from workplace hazards, including things like:

  • Protective gear (i.e. hard hats, safety glasses, etc.)
  • Adequate breaks
  • Safeguards on machines
  • Extensive training
  • Tethers when working from heights
  • And more

When employers decide to cut figurative corners and you end up getting injured as a result, we are ready to serve you as your construction accident lawyer in Bastrop County.


We hold construction companies accountable

While an employer might be quick to dismiss your claims and need for compensation, they will not be able to do that with Mr. Levine as your Bastrop County construction accident lawyer.

Mr. Levine and his team will thoroughly research your accident and pinpoint negligent factors and parties that contributed to it. From there, our Bastrop County construction accident attorney will go to work pursuing the compensation you are entitled to.

We do not stand down from construction companies and their high-powered insurance firms. Instead, as an experienced construction accident attorney in Bastrop County, we know what your case is worth. That means we will work to strike a fair settlement otherwise we will fight the matter out in court.

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