Whether you have been injured on the job or behind the wheel of a vehicle, Bastrop County bodily injury attorneys are trained to provide you with the legal resources you need to hold negligent people or parties accountable.

Why should you be left to pay for the financial fallout of an accident when someone else caused it? You shouldn’t, which is why you need to get Bastrop County bodily injury lawyers involved instead of trying to take on the legal matter yourself or — worse — refusing to take any sort of legal action all together.


Have you been injured in an accident? Call in one of the leading bodily injury attorneys in Bastrop County

We want to welcome you to the Levine Law Firm. Led by practicing attorney of over 20 years, Jeremy Levine proudly serves as a one of the most reliable, experienced bodily injury lawyers in Bastrop County.

You can consider the Levine Law Firm as a full-service resource to accommodate your needs following an accident. We provide many different things for our clients.

  • Referrals to resources that are capable of providing you needed medical attention
  • Legal guidance on how to move forward
  • An emotional outlet — we are a great sounding bored for your concerns
  • Professionals that can negotiate a fair settlement or litigate your case in court

You need Bastrop County bodily injury attorneys that both provide your case with the close attention that it deserves but you also need legal professionals that won’t easily settle — especially when the settlement amount is not fair.

Mr. Levine and his support team proudly serve as Bastrop County bodily injury lawyers that have your best interests at heart. We know what your case is worth and we’re not about to be bullied by insurance companies or other opposing people or parties.

You can discover why Mr. Levine is considered to be one of the best Bastrop County bodily injury attorneys. Contact our office and schedule a free consultation to talk to us more about your case.