Car accidents occur often in the state of Texas. Almost every day you pass a patrol car that is directing traffic around a car accident. As the baby boomer population ages, so does the average age of drivers. This isn’t to imply that baby boomers are bad drivers; it just is a fact that they will be involved more often because the population is aging.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has reported a record high number of licensed drivers in America — 214.3 million — and that is inclusive of 95.9 million drivers aged 50 or older. This is an incredible jump of 2.4 million from last year. By 2045, it is predicted that there will be a 77 percent increase in drivers who are 65 or older.

This data was collected from all states and Washington D.C., so you know that this trend is accurate. The report states further that people aged 85 or older increased by 2.9 percent, and they are drivers. This remains one of the fastest growing driving populations in the United States.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how old you are. You are carefully driving and are not distracted or tired and all of a sudden, a car hits you. You are injured. What are your next steps? How do you get over this and move on? The answer isn’t easy. You need to deal with an insurance company that may not have your back in this situation. They just want to pay you a small amount and be done with it.

Having a legal representative by your side can keep the insurance company on their toes and will cause them to be careful of what they are asking you to accept.

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, “New Data Show Increase in Older Drivers on the Road,” Dec. 02, 2015