Auto accidents involving trucks and commercial vehicles are unique, and an experienced Austin trucking accident attorney will be able to address the subtle nuances of your case.

Jeremy Levine of the Levine Law Firm is a Austin trucking accident lawyer that is experienced, compassionate and skilled. Mr. Levine and his team have worked with many victims of these types of accidents, helping them receive compensation that they deserved for their injuries, loss of income and more.


A trucking accident attorney in Austin to dissect your accident

When it comes to accidents involving semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles, there are many different potential sources of negligence. This negligence might originate from:

  • The truck driver
  • The carrier/employer
  • Other motorists
  • The companies that manufacture parts for the vehicle

This is why you need a trucking accident lawyer in Austin that has experience working on these types of cases. Mr. Levine can put his decades of experience to work to identify who might be to blame for the events that transpired.

By building a strong case for you, and proving negligence among these people or parties, he can go to work trying to recover compensation that you are owed. As your Austin trucking accident attorney, Mr. Levine has no problem going up against large trucking companies or their insurance companies. We know how much your case is worth and we’re not going to do anything that deviates from what is best for you.


Take the opportunity to consult with a savvy Austin trucking accident lawyer

Whether you were behind the wheel of a big rig or in a traditional vehicle, trucking accidents can cause serious, life-changing injuries and lead to financial fallout.

Trust Mr. Levine and the Levine Law Firm as your Austin trucking accident attorney and make sure your legal rights are upheld.