Don’t settle for Austin dog bite attorneys that will let your case get lost in the mix — turn to the experienced staff at the Levine Law Firm and sort out your legal matters in a time-efficient fashion.

Jeremy Levine carries over 20 years of experience as a practicing attorney, making him one of the savviest Austin dog attack attorneys in the business. He is skilled in working with victims of these specific personal injury cases.

Mr. Levine has proudly worked for a variety of dog bite and dog attack victims, proving his worth as one of the leading Austin dog bite lawyers.


Duties of Austin dog attack lawyers

Dog attacks are a very niche area of personal injury law, which is why you need dog bite attorneys in Austin that have worked with these types of clients before. Like other types of personal injury accidents, it’s important to collect pertinent information and details from the incident to build a strong case.

As your Austin dog bite attorneys, the Levine Law Firm will work to collect evidence that indicates a dog attack did in fact occur and that you were injured as result. From there, Mr. Levine and his team will pinpoint the dog’s owner (aka the negligent party in these scenarios) and pursue necessary compensation.


Are you in need of Austin dog attack attorneys?

On the heels of a dog bite or attack, make sure to consult with dog attack lawyers in Austin that will get involved right away and start working in your best interests.

At the Levine Law Firm, we provide free case evaluations. We sit down with potential clients and review their situation to see if we can be of service to them. As one of the leading Austin dog bite attorneys, Mr. Levine only takes on cases he is confident in as to be respectful of your time and money. Contact our team right now to get started.