Austin bicycle accident attorneys are a great resource for the men and women who have been injured while participating in this fun, healthy activity. Here in the Austin area, and throughout the rest of the United States, bicyclists inherit a level of risk when they hit the open road and often it ends in injury.

That’s where Austin bicycle accident lawyers should enter the equation — to hold negligent parties responsible and help you recover compensation that you are owed for the expenses you incurred as a result of the accident.

In these cases, turn to Jeremy Levine, one of the leading Austin bike accident attorneys in the business. Mr. Levine and the team at the Levine Law Firm will provide your case with the thoughtful attention that it requires.


Bike accident attorneys in Austin to advocate for you

The Levine Law Firm is a small firm that provides focused attention for the accident victims we work for. As one of the most thoughtful Austin bicycle accident attorneys, Mr. Levine will work hard to sort through your accident to pinpoint the cause, which can include a driver that:

  • Failed to yield
  • Was driving distracted
  • Failed to spot a bicyclist
  • Opened their car door directly in the bath or the bicyclist
  • Turned into the path of the bicyclist
  • And many more

Negligence plays a role in these, and other scenarios — as your Austin bicycle accident lawyers, the Levine Law Firm works to prove that negligence and work with the insurance companies to strike a fair settlement or take the matter to court.


Bike accident lawyers in Austin that advocate for safety

Not only do we work for you, but we want to do our part to make the Austin area a more bike-friendly community. Consult with one of the top Austin bicycle accident attorneys right now by scheduling a consultation with the Levine Law Firm.