In April, two siblings, ages 10 and 15, were killed in a rear-end car crash in Liberty Hill, Texas. Two other children and their mother were seriously injured. The driver who slammed into the back of the family’s Nissan Altima is currently facing three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of murder. According to court records, the man has two previous arrests for DWI.

The family of the two children who were killed has filed a lawsuit against Cover 2, a sports bar located in North Austin. According to the lawsuit, the bar was negligent in serving the man until he was intoxicated and for allowing him to leave. The lawsuit seeks damages of over $1 million. The family’s attorney said that the case is a “tragedy” and that “no amount of money would bring justice to this family.”

The bar has filed an answer to the lawsuit, denying any and all wrongdoing. The family has also filed another lawsuit against the car manufacturer Nissan, alleging wrongful death and gross negligence. The lawsuit alleges that the car had “inadequate occupant protection systems.”

When families lose loved ones because of a drunk driver’s actions, they have the right to sue those who are responsible. Texas has dram shop laws that allow victims of drunk drivers, including the families of those who are killed, to sue alcohol retailers and vendors for monetary damages. An attorney experienced in Texas personal injury cases can provide victims and their families with more information on pursing such a civil case.

Source:, “Austin bar Cover 2 sued over deadly crash,” David Barer, June 15, 2015