Accidents and injuries stemming from drunk driving are a huge issue. Across the United States, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has said that over 30 people are killed in these accidents every day. This works out to over 10,000 per year, or one every 51 seconds.

So, what can be done to prevent these things? The police work very hard to reduce the risk, and they do it by using a combination of tactics. These include:

— Checkpoints to look for impaired drivers before they are involved in accidents that take lives.– Ignition interlock systems that do not allow people to drive unless the system confirms that they are not under the influence.– Confiscating the driver’s licenses of those who do drive when they’re drunk.– Enforcing laws about underage drinking and strictly adhering to the legal minimum of 0.08 for blood alcohol concentration.– Focusing on education and community involvement. This could include programs for schools to warn students of the danger.– Making those who are convicted go to DUI classes and get help if they have substance abuse problems.

Another tactic for reducing accidents, which is slightly more controversial, involves the price of alcohol itself. Some experts believe that raising the price would make it less accessible, meaning people would either drink less often or consume less when they drank, and that this would also cut back on the amount of drunk driving crashes.

Though police take these steps, DUI accidents are still common, and it’s important to know what to do if you’re injured in Texas.

Source: CDC, “Impaired Driving: Get the Facts,” accessed Aug. 07, 2015