It has been reported that four people have died as a result of tractor-trailer accidents this year in the Fort Worth, Texas area.  At the same time last year seven people had died in such accidents.

Law enforcement officials throughout Texas would like to see the number of fatal truck accidents reduced in any case and campaigns have been conducted to reduce the amount of reckless driving on the road.  However, it’s not always the truck driver that is guilty of causing the accident.  It’s often aggressive driving by smaller vehicles that helps contribute to the number of accidents we are seeing.

Drivers that speed, follow too closely or make improper lane changes are also the same individuals that cause accidents involving other vehicles.  The vast majority of tickets have been provided to reckless drivers that were not behind the wheel of a big-rig truck.

We need to keep in mind that trucks are big and cumbersome to begin with.  Maneuvering a truck to avoid a collision or trying to bring such a vehicle to a quick stop is not always possible.  If other drivers keep their distance from big-rig trucks the odds of an accident are greatly reduced.

Attorneys that help individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents due to the negligence of others often play the role of investigating how such an accident occurred.  These attorneys can garner the resources to recreate the accident, interview witnesses and analyze the data demonstrating how such an accident most likely occurred.

We need to hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions as just one more incentive to prevent this sort of behavior from occurring to begin with.

Source: Fleet Owner, “Targeting aggressive driving around big rigs helped reduce fatal accidents by 40%,” Deborah Whistler, Aug. 6, 2013